The time my dog’s face swelled up like crazy

My Golden Retriever dog had some weird bumps on her nose after a walk and then her face swelled up like crazy. This is her journey.

Golden retriever with probable bee stings on nose
Bumps on the nose

I sent this to my sister, who is a veterinarian. She said to give the dog some Benadryl and see if it gets better. It didn’t get better. Soon her eyes were swelling up too, and then her whole face!

Golden retriever swelling around eyes from allergic reaction

Golden retriever with swelled up nose and eyes probably from bee sting

Golden retriever with swollen nose sleeping on bed
Sad puffy dog

She was itchy and uncomfortable but still could breath fine. I swear her nose became 2x or maybe 3x the normal size! It was both scary and a little ridiculous.

Finally we got her into the vet.

Golden retriever with swollen nose at the vet getting steroids
Sad puffy dog at the vet

They said they could give us a steroid injection or just pills. He said it was very likely a hyperreactive allergic reaction to a bee sting. He also said he’s never seen one of these get so bad that the dog couldn’t breathe, so that was a relief.

We took the pills and a few hours later she was much better. The edema in her face and neck lasted a few days but she got better and is much happier now.

Anyway that’s the story!

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