car mp3 upgrades

I wanted to replace the LCD in my car, but I noticed there are new ones with buttons on them! So I’m thinking of reprogramming the car. I got mutagen to do ID3 stuff and will start just trying to make a simple playlist editor that searches like I want it to. Here’s the mutagen tutorial. I’ll need XML file saving again, just like in the CLScanner. I’m worried about how fast the searches will happen.

Aww, sweet. The code can load the entire library in like 2 seconds and search it in under a quarter second. Excellent. I can control mplayer using this code. The library and search functions took like, 10 mins to code up. They’re excellent. So all I need is a queue system, perhaps a separate thread that knows what song to play next. So there’d be the active thread, looking for commands from the keyboard and from the keypad, and the player thread, running mplayer and knowing what to play next. This might be too easy.

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