sweet seattle stuff #1

What is there to do near Seattle? Well I’ll make a running list, since I have unlimited publishing rights on this, the website of me. I’ve been here for 2 weeks really and haven’t done as much as I should have. I’ve been busy. But I have found at least three really sweet places on the Eastside.

#1: Denny Park. Wow. It was day 1 and I was just walking through my neighborhood when I found this little street. There’s a trailhead there that descends into deep old-growth, fern-covered forest. As I hiked down, it got prettier and prettier. I got to the bottom to find large moss-covered trees hanging over a stream. I walked for about a mile and found myself at Lake Washington. Hadn’t seen a single person until then. Great suburban hike.

#2: Marymoor Park. Huge park near Redmond. The thing that brings me here often is the free rock-climbing structure. I go there on way home from work occasionally to miss the traffic and boulder around. You can lead-climb here too. It’s actually really cool. It’s made of concrete and rock so it actually feels pretty authentic. There are also RC planes flying nearby every day if you’re into that.

#3: St. Edwards State Park. Ok enough with the state parks already. This one has ~12 miles of fun mountain bike trails. I went on them one morning to check it out and had a great time. There are even some jumps and stuff. Good forest views.

#4: Random lookout. This little pad has a sweet view. You can see Rainier if you go to the far left on a clear day. Good view of gas works park too. Enough to inspire me to go check that out, which was also cool.


Virginia Inn – Ate outside. Slow service, but I wasn’t in a hurry. The food was good. How’s that for a review?

Thai joint by the AMC in Pacific Place – Mmmmm Thai food. Delicious. Good for before a movie.

Hector’s – mmmm. Fun atmosphere. Got big dinner and bottle of wine to hear some really weird story here. Loved it.

What the Pho? – Pho is in. It’s the new sushi. They heat up meat in broth, where it cooks. Get the well done stuff though as the rare is like, really rare. It was good but not quite as good as sushi. It’s pronounced “fuh,” by the way.

I also had more Thai and conveyor belt sushi and some other stuff but nothing really blew my mind as much as these, as described above.

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