nse out, now bibtex

I sent my prof.  my version of the manuscript. Now I’m trying to get the proper citations for Nuclear Science and Engineering with bibtex. I’ve been running into Charles Karney’s physics journal bibtex styles, but I haven’t gotten them working yet. They say to run them through the c preprocessor to get different styles, but I just get errors like:

physics.bst:9:19: warning: missing terminating ‘ character

physics.bst:3484:7: warning: extra tokens at end of #else directive

Ah. This is because cpp has decided that it shouldn’t be used for processing anything besides actual source code. Well, thankfully they left in the -traditional-cpp option. So if you use

cpp -P -traditional-cpp physics.bst nse.bst

It will actually work. That’s excellent. This is nice.

[1] C. Tzanos, E. Gyftopoulos, and M. Driscoll, “Optimization of Material
Distributions in Fast Reactor Cores”,    Nucl. Sci. Eng.  52, 84 (1973)

Here’s a nice cheat sheet for VIM. I’m using it to capitalize the first letter of each word in my bibtex.tex file. I’m sure the bibtex style can do this but I’m not bothering.

Here’s the final product: nse.bst

UPDATE: I put double quotes around article and techreport titles, as discussed here.

Also, fonts from my LyX install were really fuzzy when printed. I went into document settings and changed font family to Roman and set font to Latin Modern Roman and now the fonts don’t get fuzzy when you zoom in so I’ll assume they don’t get fuzzy on print either. Let’s hope not.

I also just added a reCAPTCHA plugin to this blog. It works. My simpleCAPTCHA plugin wasn’t showing the image, nor was it even showing up in the plugin list. I renamed the simple-captcha folder in my plugins folder and now recaptcha is in charge.

I need to call Jeff soon to tell him he’s publishing this.

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