How about a nice game of chess?

Here’s a random one. I’ve had this talking electronic chess board since 1994. It’s called the Sharper Image Design Talking Chess Companion. Model SM 470. It’s awesome and wonderful and I can’t find any commentary on it on the internet. Therefore, this. I’ve taken the attached video showing Chester in all his glory, and with all of his loving phrases. Such as:

Hi! I’m Chester. How about a nice game of chess?

Sure you’re playing better but your taking more time than me.

Now I’ve got you!

How about a draw?

Many good times hanging out with old Chester. They did a great job putting in tonality into his commentary. It’s really like playing with another person. I only wish the random number generator had him do other openings more often. I’ve never really used the tournament openings mode, but I’m kind of curious. I wish I still had the manual. Anyway, the best part is that I know that my 4th-grade self is better at chess than my current self because I used to be able to easily beat Chester on a higher level than I can now.

8 thoughts on “How about a nice game of chess?”

  1. Want to sell Chester? Lost mine a long
    ago. Can’t find it any where for sale.
    I think the wife got sick of me playing chess
    and dumped it. She denies it but I have my
    doubts. Want to sell it let me know. Mahalo

  2. Where can I buy a Chester game for a birthday gift my friend had one when she was younger and we cannot find one to purchase

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