Nick Touran

Nuclear engineer, clean energy activist, dog father, author*, hobbyist

*self-published 😎


Who is Nick?

I am a nuclear engineer in Seattle developing technical solutions to world energy challenges. After starting in fusion, I’ve focused on advanced fission energy systems since 2006. I’m the founder of the nuclear public-education website I’m a good science communicator and enjoy discussing clean, reliable energy. I also wrote an intermediate computer book called Digital Superpowers.

My Projects

Public Education about Energy

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I have a few open source projects online.

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I enjoy designing nuclear reactors.

My work

Personal Blog

I sometimes write something in the blog.

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I enjoy taking photos.

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I have lots of hobbies.

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Research and Work

Technical Skills

Reactor Methods
Diffusion, depletion, stability, kinetics, perturbation theory, nuclear data uncertainty, finance, etc.
System Design
Multiobjective optimization, project management, non-linear regression
Reactor Codes
Python, git, Phabricator, MPI, C/C++, HTML, Perl, LaTeX, Jenkins, FORTRAN
Apache, MySQL, Dovecot, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266, Jekyll, A+ Certified Technician :)


  • Digital Superpowers, a book about open-source computer utilities (2019)
  • N. Touran, "A primer on energy, greenhouse gas, intermittency, and nuclear",, 2017.
  • Nicholas W. Touran, John Gilleland, Graham T. Malmgren, Charles Whitmer, William H. Gates III, "Computational Tools for the Integrated Design of Advanced Nuclear Reactors", Engineering, 3,4, 2017, Pages 518-526, ISSN 2095-8099,
  • N. Touran and J. Yang, "Sensitivities and Uncertainties Due to Nuclear Data in a Traveling Wave Reactor," Proceedings of the PHYSOR 2016 Meeting in Sun Valley, ID, May 2016.
  • N. Touran and J. Lee. "A Modal Expansion Equilibrium Cycle Perturbation Method for Optimizing Fast Reactors," Nuclear Science and Engineering, 179.1, 85-103, 2015.
  • N. Touran, J. Cheatham, and R. Petroski, "Model biases in high-burnup fast reactor simulations," Proc. ANS Int. Topl. Mtg. on Advances in Reactor Physics and Linking Research, Industry, and Education (PHYSOR 2012), Knoxville, Tennesee 2012.
  • A Modal Expansion Equilibrium Cycle Perturbation Method for Optimizing High Burnup Fast Reactors (my Ph.D. dissertation)
  • N. Touran, P. Hejzlar, S. Mazurkiewicz, R. Petroski, J. Walter, C. Whitmer, "Technical Considerations and Capabilities of a Near-Term Deployable Traveling Wave Reactor Core," Trans. Am. Nucl. Soc., 104, 934 2011.
  • N. Touran, "Performance of Thorium-Based Fuel for TRU Transmutation in Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors," Trans. Am. Nucl. Soc., 103, 811, 2010.
  • A. Imaura, N. Touran, & R. Ewing. "MgO-pyrochlore composite as an inert matrix fuel: Neutronic and thermal characteristics", Journal of Nuclear Materials, 389, 341-350, 2009.


I really enjoy discussing with people about nuclear energy and other things. If you want to invite me for a discussion, etc., contact me.

Hobbies & non-Nuclear Interests

Ham radio
Amateur Extra, digital, SDR, GNURadio, portable & remote operation
Home automation
Contributor to Home-Assistant platform, blogger, creator of infopanel.
Riding, maintenance
Soccer, skiing, boating, hiking, camping, scuba diving
History, literature, politics, anything
Late 1800s physics, oscilloscopes, vacuum pumps, high voltage
Classic rock, electronic dance, rap, country, bass guitar, MIDI
Quadcopter photography, regular photography
Nick Touran with
Nick in lab coat.